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Pio Hartnett - Roses
Pio Hartnett - Roses

Pio Hartnett – Roses | Minimalist

Despite it only being the third addition to his discography, Pio Hartnett promises a collection of music that manages to resonate with the emotions of bubbling romantic enthusiasm.

The Dublin-based singer-songwriter returns from his short year long hiatus with the release of his latest track Roses, a near four minute romantic ballad. The track appears on Hartnett’s discography following the reception of two of his previous tracks Dunes and Dark Blossom. At its most characteristic element, Roses fulfils the duties of a moody romantic uptempo number, highlighting all the necessary features and qualifiers that warrant a thorough listen. Thoroughly showcasing signs of indie pop, indie folk and acoustic folk pop medleyed with a combination of Cat Stevens, Daniel Caeser and Vance Joy in the vocal performances.

Riddled across with pulsating synth waves, the track picks up and slows down during the choruses and verses to highlight the depth of its lyrical composition that are not afraid to tug every string of your heart to make it sing. Pio Hartnett remains a singer-songwriter who confirms that a track must not necessarily be magnicifently flamboyant and exaggerated to convey the emotions of companionship – in fact, it perhaps need only be honest and minimalistic. 

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