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for KING & COUNTRY - What Are We Waiting For?
for KING & COUNTRY - What Are We Waiting For?

for KING & COUNTRY – What Are We Waiting For? | Emotional

If you haven’t already heard of for KING & COUNTRY, fear not for it’s never too late to discover new music! The Australian brothers blew up after collaborating with the grand Dolly Parton on their massively famous single God Only Knows. This led them to win not one but two Grammy Awards while they worked towards increasing their repertoire. With seven No. 1 hits, ten Top 10 hits, six Grammy nominations, five Billboard Music Award Nominations, an AMA nomination and much more they have done so much in the scene. They recently dropped their latest album, What Are We Waiting For? which features 13 tracks and has a total run-time of nearly 39 and a half minutes.

Starting off on RELATE, we have a track with such depth and range. The synths amass a large portion of the instrumental while the vocals are the perfect complement. The beat is so versatile, deep, progressive and almost has a mind of its own. The lyrics are so open, honest and relatable that you don’t feel alienated. You can really RELATE to the song with everything for KING & COUNTRY sings about. Similarly, in tracks like Broken Halos, the melancholic feeling is quickly wiped out by how uplifting the melody and harmonies are. The duo really gets everything down right from the musical direction to the execution. While the lyrics are deep, dark, intricate even, the music does well to combat the spiral into darkness.

for KING & COUNTRY has always written about real experiences which is probably what makes them so relatable. Tracks, like Love Me Like I Am and Hold On Pain Ends, are very different, but they have distinct features. They both have relatively grim lyrics that transition into more hopeful and inspiring words. Moreover, the beat and instrumental are integral to lifting you out of the melancholia. The warmth in the beat is so comforting and soothing. Additionally, the vocal harmonies are out of this world! The voices blend together to sound like one whole voice.

Harmony is probably the lightest track but also feels so heavy. The strings and countermelodies are overwhelming and act as the perfect interlude in the middle of the album. It moves into Shy which continues to play on the deep, heavy beats and mildly electronic vocal lines. for KING & COUNTRY has the uncanny ability to move you with every single moment in their music. It is so easy to just get lost in the music and your emotions as they collide with each other. In fact, it may be a little distracting if you’re trying to work.

Be warned that this album is not for the light-hearted and definitely requires your full attention. It demands your attention in the most brilliant way possible. The last few tracks on the album, especially, overwhelm you with such intensity. TOGETHER does this so well. Moreover, the likes of Kirk Franklin and Tori Kelly add interesting tones and intensities to the track that make it so much better.

The album ends on Cheering You On and Benediction. These two tracks feel like the perfect end to this emotional journey. While you’re processing all the emotions that you’ve felt in the last 36 minutes you’re also comforted by these two less intense tracks. Moreover, you feel relieved, as if you’ve just catharted so much.

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