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BETTY REED – Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned (Acoustic Version) | Heartfelt Acoustic

Nashville-based singer-songwriter recently released an intimate EP about her life called “Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned”. She’s known best for her track “Drunk on You”, and mostly creates acoustic-centric music that is upbeat yet emotive, soothing and uplifting, all at the same time.

Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned” EP Tracklist

The six-track EP begins with a heartfelt track called On My Mind. Betty’s raw vocal performance is accompanied by rhythmic acoustic guitars throughout. As the title suggests, she sings about what’s on her mind – “Cause baby I don’t need your love through things / No fancy cars or diamond rings / Expensive things don’t make up the time”. Exploring her introspective journey through honest storytelling, Betty shares her thoughts and desires in this opening track, paving the way for what’s to come.

Karma is a song about that reminds you that whatever you do in life, whether good or bad, has a reaction to it. Over soft instrumentation and a subtle rhythm, Betty sings nostalgic and uplifting melodies that describe her feelings beautifully. Her emotive singing takes centre stage as the guitars play on to drive her melody; a simple and moving performance.

Track three,  This Time, follows the same theme of love and self-introspection like the previous tracks. Betty has now embraced her past failures and says that she wants to move on ‘this time’ to evolve into a better version of herself. To her, it’s important now that she takes a stand for what she thinks it’s right, and the way she translates her feelings into her lyrics is just brilliant. – “You lied, what where you hoping to gain / This time, I won’t let you explain / You made a fool of me and I played this game /  I’ve forgiven your indecency / Refuse to feel the pain.”

Frustrated, scared, afraid and heartbroken; Betty sings about her learnings from what seems to have been a tight relationship in Let It Out. “It’s okay not to be okay”. According to her, it’s important to vent, however seems right. Only through experience can someone grow, and Betty’s lyrics sure do say a lot about her journey.

Happy is a very uplifting track showcasing Betty’s optimistic side. She says nothing will stand in her way along her journey of becoming happy, and she knows that it will happen one fine day. Accompanied by her favourite acoustic guitar, she continues her story about the lessons she’s learned from her past mistakes; a top-notch composition.

The EP ends with a confident and inspiring song called Misunderstood. Betty sings in a more bad-ass tone here, quite different from the rest of the tracks. After singing about her experiences so far, it seems like she has grown into a more positive and hopeful person that knows what she wants. With six amazing compositions on this EP that tell a story one by one, it’s almost impossible not to like the songs on “Mistakes Made, Lessons Learnt”! Betty’s latest addition to her discography is truly heartwarming and I’m sure her fans are eager to hear more soon!

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