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Heckyl - Free Falling Down
Heckyl - Free Falling Down

Heckyl – Free Falling Down | Commentary

Consecutive singles are underway in the discography of English singer-songwriter and producer Heckyl, formerly known to his fans as Luke Potter.

With an incredibly successful musical career already under his belt with his erstwhile alias, Heckyl is the artist’s newest venture into musical philosophy. His latest track — Free Falling Down adds to the discussion surrounding his latest discographic developments. A two-minute track characteristically indie-pop and electronic-pop, Free Falling Down features contagious dance-floor energy collaborating with lyricism on introspective social commentary. Vocally, Heckyl is up there with electronic pop/post-punk revival singers like JT Daly. The track opens up with overdriven synth waves that underlie the four-by-four discotheque beats which decorate the track. Understandably, Heckyl revels in highlighting some of the greatest social anomalies that we see operating in our society’s cultural wars in an expression via his music. Free Falling Down is representative of this effort, where Heckyl is distraught and unsure about the direction the world seems to be going in with its perennial information wars, rat-race for the attention economy and dystopic post-truth. Heckyl is a passive observer of such phenomena, and he encapsulates the emotions of this passive spectatorship of chaos. 

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