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Birds Aren’t Real – Genre Bending EP by Shaven Primates Is a Thought-Provoking Listen

Meet Shaven Primates, a ground-breaking five-piece band that explores the worlds of post-punk, dark-wave, and art-rock with an eye for challenging genre boundaries. Fear, love, and fury all find resonance in their music’s orchestration, crafting a compelling story of human emotions and experiences that is profoundly cathartic and liberating. Get ready to experience an adventure through unfiltered emotions as Shaven Primates expertly create a unique and interesting sonic world.

Shaven Primates are back with a new EP, “Birds Aren’t Real,” which piqued my interest just by looking at the title. The EP has 5 songs in total, starting with “Fade Away.”

“Fade Away” is an enthralling masterwork with layers of melody, intensity, and true passion. The rough vocals give the song a distinct and despairing tone. The electric guitar work is fantastic and deserves all of the praise. Consistent and powerful drum beats serve as a solid basis throughout. Synth work toward the climax is top-notch, and so is the chorus. The flawless mix of music and passionate vocals powerfully conveys deep-seated anguish in this compelling song about unjust happenings on social media.

In “A Decision,” powerful percussion beats and melodic electric guitar riffs set the tone for an incredible journey. The vocals quickly strike into your soul with pain. The song features amazing synth brilliance set against an atmosphere of confinement and unease. Touching on the serious topic of someone taking their own life, words like “I saw his face, black-holed gaze, drift away, All helpless chase the endless space on his quest to make” have an enormous impact. The emotional intensity of the music moved me to my core. Especially with the outrage depicted through the riffs and the pain conveyed through the chorus and vocal performance. 

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Shaven Primates shows off their playful rock side in “Silicon Implants.” A chaotic feeling is created by spinning instruments and vibrant rhythms. The song’s lyrics are a biting critique of societal issues that encourages listeners to be cautious and mindful of hate and injustice.  The chorus “Nazis Bad” stands out like a colorful flash of creativity during this musical journey, creating a fascinating impression. The dynamic interplay of vocals, keyboards, and guitars adds to the song’s amazement.

“Unmasked” has a specific place in my heart and is a true standout on the album. The melodic and dreamy sections are brilliantly produced, effortlessly shifting into powerful rock with the vocals retaining emotions. The pitch control is astounding, and you can really feel the pain of the vocals.  Even the keys’ work adds a touch of beauty.  The musical arrangement leading up to the chorus “Unmasked” hits just the right note for me, making it a genuinely genuine and distinctive experience.

The EP concludes with the amusing and offbeat “Birds Aren’t Real.” It’s a lively tune with an indie twist, with a catchy chorus that had me bopping along and singing along to the amusing hook line “Birds aren’t real.” A seamless pace change at 2:46 highlights the band’s musicianship. In all, it’s an exciting conclusion to a compelling EP.

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Enjoy listening to “Birds Aren’t Real” by Shaven Primates.

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