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The Public Eye’s Latest Track “Upper Parliament” Criticizes Social Injustice in a Hard-Hitting Rock Anthem

British rockers The Public Eye are making waves with their latest track, “Upper Parliament“. The four-piece outfit from Derby, England, have been building momentum with their debut EP, “In the Outbuilding,” and have now dropped a hard-hitting track that tackles social issues head-on.

With a heavy, hard rock sound, “Upper Parliament” has a driving rhythm that is both energetic and aggressive. The instrumentation features jangling guitar tones and a continuous, hard-hitting bassline that carries the song’s dark theme, while the vocals sit excellently in the mix. The emotional singing soars above the dynamic instrumentation, giving the track an Arctic Monkeys-like sound.

The lyrics focus on the frustration faced by the youth and social dysfunctions. Lead vocalist Joey Greener’s voice takes center stage, delivering lyrics that are biting and poignant. “My head speaks to the skyscraper peaks that make these slaves.”

As the track progresses, Greener’s voice builds to an emotional climax, repeating the refrain “And I won’t stick around to see you breathe, ’cause it all just seems so pointless when you dream.” The repetition of this line emphasizes the song’s message and leaves a lasting impact on the listener.

“Upper Parliament” is a powerful track that showcases The Public Eye’s ability to craft hard-hitting, socially conscious rock anthems. With influences like Arctic Monkeys, Fontaines D.C., and Radiohead, The Public Eye is poised to take the UK indie scene by storm.

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