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LittleFox - Magpie Heart
LittleFox - Magpie Heart
LittleFox - Magpie Heart

LittleFox’s Magpie Heart Is a Soul-Pleasing Treat to the Ears.

Magpie Heart, LittleFox’s latest single, is a track that instantly melts your heart, makes you feel free and calm, and leaves a smile on your face for a long time. So before we get to the song, let us know a little something about the artist, which is the fact that LittleFox is the stage name for the prolific singer-songwriter Alison Jenkins who hails from Vancouver, Canada, and has been composing music for over a decade. Besides that, she is a live theatre composer, performer, and music director, and she has also worked as a session musician and has been a part of some bands before setting off to start her solo career in music.

A look into the compositional elements of Magpie Heart!

The latest single by LittleFox, Magpie Heart, is a treat to the ears of every person who listens to it, and every musical element of the song is individually excellent, as they blend in perfectly together, and the result is this mesmerizing piece of music. However, the vocals and the lyrics are so heart-touching that they make you feel like you are having a one-sided conversation with a friend who motivates you to look around at the brighter side of life while reciprocating her sense of immense comfort when she is around you. Besides the beautiful voice, the calming, groovy, and sweet banjo playing deserves a special mention because it sounds so beautiful that with every plucking of the strings, you feel the groove that keeps the song going so well.

Overall, Magpie Heart, Little Fox’s latest single, is the song you must give a generous listen to, and you will certainly add it to your playlist. So check out this beautiful track here:

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