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Charlotte Morris Sets the Bar High with Tennessee
Charlotte Morris Sets the Bar High with Tennessee

Charlotte Morris Sets the Bar High with Tennessee

Charlotte Morris is a multi-instrumentalist, who through her music, garners so much love from her fans around the world. 

Having taught herself so many instruments, she has emerged as a prolific musician. Her unique style of music has been crafted with a lot of ingenuity, patience, and years of dedicated practice. 

Charlotte Morris recently released a wonderful track called Tennessee, a song that evokes so many feelings, but most prominently, nostalgia. A thoroughly heartwarming track, Tennessee feels like an ode to past memories, lost treasures, unforgettable experiences, and little fragments of imagination. The song feels like storytelling, thanks to the brilliant songwriting. With every line, you will come a little closer to the bigger picture that the song is trying to represent. A nuanced track, Tennessee is made up of so many wonderful elements that make it as grand as it is. 

Retro and modern at the same time, the music takes you into a blissful realm. Laidback soundscapes and gentle yet impactful and moving work on the strings add a lot of goodness to the track. The song feels super fresh and contemporary because Morris makes sure to keep the song authentic in every way possible. The soothing and poignant musicality makes the song even more enjoyable. 

One of the best qualities of the track is Morris’s extraordinary vocals. Lusciously perfect and soul-touching, her vocals take the center stage from the very beginning and do not let your attention waver even a bit. Morris’s unique R&B touch to the track makes it even more artistic and brilliant. 

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