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Injected – Clare Easdown | Powerful

To deal with sensitive topics in music is a tightrope in my opinion– if I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought that it wasn’t a good idea at all. Time proved me otherwise, however; and I now accept that when done the right way, a song that rides that tightrope the correct way; in a way as to make the point yet be not overbearing on the listener, beauty is achieved. In my review of “Injected” by Clare Easdown, this is what I wish to highlight. Keep reading!

The writing of the song, right from the first second, seems wired to impact you emotionally– and the instruments (quite literally) play second fiddle to the voice at play, and the themes it aims to deliver. The result is something that sounds pleasant to the ear, while exploring topics as profound as they get with human emotions. The slow, minimal percussion in the background let the vocals take the center stage, and that seems about appropriate for a song that packs this much in its writing.

The production complements the track extremely well– the sound design, as well as the mixing decisions at play here had my head bobbing to the rhythm right from the first second– and that is a beautiful thing, I must admit. The space in the mix is ample, and it sounds spacious to my ears– yet the power is confined rather well to where it really matters present.

With “Injected”, Clare Easdown presents a compilation of angst and catharsis that I do not get to see very often in genres that don’t take an eternity developing the taste for. I loved listening to this track, and it’s worth a spot on your playlist. Check the song out here:

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