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Sano Hill-Starting Over
Sano Hill-Starting Over
Sano Hill-Starting Over

Sano Hill-Starting Over | Where the heart belongs

If Sano Hill had celestial control, it would be on all of Earth’s weather. Consequently, people’s emotions. As a newcomer to the world of music streaming, this is a revival of fresh music that used to rock the end of the millennium. When people’s waists had heavy faux leather belts and that yellow Walkman. This is Sano Hill with Starting Over.

Releasing his other lighthearted, fun single called The Climb earlier this year, Sano Hill shifts pace. And tone, to another digit. He lets this new melody marinate instead of wailing vocals instantly after the song starts. It builds, like a snowball gently rolling down the hill, maintaining momentum. If someone knows how to glorify an escapists’ mind, it is this artist. Sounding like The Wallflowers instrumentally, the chimes and jangles of the instruments resonate in the hearts of every millennial and old soul who is listening.

Sano Hill knows not to overstay his welcome. This song is a definite earworm, and this artist is about quality over quantity. Time and again, he uses the space in the song to let the chords, chorus and lyrics be a reminder of this escape, and how life might be different later. God knows his life is different now, he must get used to hearing his name being chanted.

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