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Saorsa - Call Me Out
Saorsa - Call Me Out

Saorsa – Call Me Out | Ephemeral

Making her way through the Australian pop music scene is Saorsa with the release of her EP Call Me Out. The work follows a series of singles on her discography, some of which have found themselves into the new release.

With an easy-listening runtime of thirteen minutes, Saorsa’s Call Me Out is a collective of four songs — Head First, Renegade, First Light and Call Me Out. The album is characteristically a healthy fusion of dream pop and ethereal wave — a feature of Saorsa that is representative of her discography. The EP opens up with Head First, a song defined by its attractive breathy vocals and overriding synth waves. The number’s percussive elements set up the backbone and mood for the track — loosening up and unwinding. The lyrics remind us of the frustration in overcompensating and working too hard which should sometimes be replaced with occasional bouts of relaxation and mellow celebration of life.

Renegade is an acoustic melodica characterised by its soothing arpeggios that accompany Saorsa’s shadowy vocals. It is an introspective track with naked lyricism about one’s conditions in life’s dire situations, as one reminisces and yearns for the comfort and nostalgia of the past. The track opens up slow and gathers traction along its way that draws the listener into a very true-to-life soundscape. The song’s outro is characterised by an incredibly catchy collaboration between dream pop and mellow alternative rock seasoned with Saorsa’s harmonies and electric guitar solos.

First Light is a relatively livelier track with an ambient soundscape from the beginning, eliciting nostalgic lyricism from Saorsa. The track features the piano in its full stride in accompaniment with immersive synth waves and reverberating percussion. The song features its percussive crests and troughs between the verses, bridges and chorus; the vocals are silkier and more emotional. The EP’s title track is the closing song for the EP — the piano makes its way back again in the melodica, with lyricism by Saorsa reflecting a confessional about being frustrated and in a bad place in life. The track also features a beautiful baritone-tenor harmony and a synth-wave that umbrellas the entire sonic phenomenon. 

Saorsa’s debut EP Call Me Out is an example of fine production and great thematic inclinations, polishing over some of the best tricks in the dream pop/ethereal wave genres. The EP reminds us to sit back and truly realize the essence of a present moment before it is gone and also serves as a reminder to enjoy things not in retrospect but also in the present circumstance. Check out the EP here: 

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