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Vassilis - Puppy
Vassilis - Puppy

Vassilis – Puppy | Pure

Manchester-based singer-songwriter and music producer Vassilis represents the buried sound of pure songwriting and music that is driven by the weight of its words and instrumentation.

The Grecian updates his discography with the release of his latest EP Return to Innocence, comprising the definitive track Puppy. Vassilis follows up some of his earlier work such as Never Alone and Better Days Are Here with his latest release, providing his fans with his latest musical developments. The four-minute track is characteristically a mixture of multiple genre variations, but mainly indie pop and alternative rock, with occasional tips of the hat to other boundaries such as indie folk, alternative indie, country pop, classic rock and pop-rock.

The track opens up with Vassilis’ customary strum of his electric guitar tuned to a deliciously shiny guitar tone, quickly getting accompanied with his attractive ashen vocal performances. Thematically, the lyricism in the track represents a sense of regret and lovesick tempo, a balladic narration of nostalgic repentance. Imagine a Velvet Underground track sung by U2, with the guitar performances by The Smashing Pumpkins and vocals like Damon Albarn — that should give you an estimate of Vassilis’ contemporary sound. 

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