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Daggi - Overthinking
Daggi - Overthinking

Daggi – Overthinking | Inspired

The Norwegian Pop artist and producer, Daggi returns after his 2020 and 2021 single Rush of Love and Lonely with his latest released album Overthinking. This album is a perfect example of a minimalist take on R&B infused pop music. He aims to further his distinctive vision as he expands his sonic palette by taking a slightly modern approach with his new album.

The fragile minimalism on the one-minute opening track Overthinking (Intro) sets the tone for the rest of the album. After the initial surge, the song effortlessly settles into a gentle and undulating mix of chilly electronics, piano chords accompanied by the intonations of the soft synths. It created a subtle bed for his vulnerable, impassioned vocals as it builds itself slowly to the dramatic climax before drifting off on a stream of scintillating piano notes in the track Give a Fuck which transitions into more upbeat sounds. He sings about how he has nothing more in his life to look forward to which hinders his ability to breathe. However, after much thought, he realizes there is always a second time and he should try again instead of dwelling on it constantly in the present moment.

Contrary to this the song Can’t Stop has a forlorn feeling accompanied by mellow piano and echoing synth chords. It is a clever multi-textured track giving it an edge. This song is a love-sick one where he sings about how he gravely misses and cannot stop thinking about someone he deeply loves. He acknowledges the fact that he made mistakes but is now willing to recover from them with his lover’s help. The deftly produced tracks Time and Lonely is a slice of R&B Pop along with warm streams of synths. Daggi sings about whether his lover will stay by his side and ride the storm no matter how bad things may become. Thematically, the songs vary from solely personal to his keen reflections.

For instance, in the song Faith, he reflects on how his thoughts are a blur to him and his life seems to have taken a backseat, but all he can think about is his lover. He ponders over how in these trying times he must keep his head high and continue to be brave and courageous. This track in particular is very powerful with Daggi letting the lyrics resonate over crisp notes and clean electronics. His musical template is very straightforward with the uncomplicated nature of music giving his voice the space it needs to shine and be heard. The emotive and mellifluous vocals are the appealing aspect of every song and the production stays true to that ideal. His voice permeates into every nook and cranny backed only by simple synth chords. Only when it feels right does Daggi allow it to lose its control allowing it to soar to a spectacular finale. The album Overthinking is a soulful pop gem that seems to exist in its own time and place.

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