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Daragh - Young and Stupid
Daragh - Young and Stupid

Daragh – Young and Stupid

Daragh Wearen is a twenty- three old dream pop musician who was originally from Dublin, but later moved to Oslo in Norway. He established himself in the music industry through his perceptible guitar intonations in the year 2018-19. His latest 2021 album named ‘Young and Stupid’ is a sophisticated production that portrays the artist’s transparency with its heart-wrenching lyrics associated with dream pop and alternative pop sounds. Each song flows lucidly into the next stringing together a melancholic story.

The first track ‘Young and Stupid’ narrates a story of how he wishes to fall in love again and experience emotions of care, intimacy, passion and affection, while caressing the person he loves, to bed. However, he realizes to be free, he must believe the difficulties and harshness that love brings with itself. The mono-pop produced song has elements of electronic pop and folktronica with mellow drumming accompanying it. The vocals have a faint familiarity with Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons.

The second track ‘Blissfully Blue’ takes off from the first track, and encompasses the idea of finding comfort within feelings of remorse. There is not much a person can do about the past but accept it and complain. The jangling electronic pop is toned down with a subtle transition to soft rock elements with nostalgic synths. The production on this one is cleaner with the keyboardist adding some timbral breadths without digressing very much from where they began. Daragh has a wide expressive range with mid baritone vocals giving way to the guitar tones.

Grabbing our attention is no longer a challenge for the artist. The contemporary indie and folktronica sounds are highlighted in the song robust song `Those who’ve gone.‘ The song encompasses themes pertaining to love and heartbreak. The acoustic folk guitar is accompanied by a hopping bassline to evoke feelings of the deranged exaltation of love. This song, much like the previous one, is about accepting the absence of people who once held an important place in our lives. He recalls all the memories and laughs shared together. However, he sings that he has those memories to look back upon and cherish so their memory will never fade away.

The mood rallies again in the track ‘Ordinary, Loud and Cheery’ and the artist thinks out loud about how he is a standard boy who has forgotten his happiness. He longs to be like the others and revel in the jocundity of life. This song is a massive hit in waiting with pulsing keys, sweet vocals with elements on mellow alternative pop and soft rock.

Daragh has an incredible amount of potential and continues to astound his audience each time. Be sure to check out his EP here:

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Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.

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