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Carter Ray- Dancing With A Stranger | Sunshine and Rainbows

Carter Ray is an artist who transcends the traditional definition of the term. His music is incredibly entertaining. Ray is a film and television personality who has been on MTV’s Faking It and won “Best Drama” at the QueerX LA Film Festival for his first short film, The Change-Up. He is also a powerful voice for the LGBQ+ community. By sharing his story, he is helping to create a more inclusive and accepting world for everyone. Ray is currently extending his artistic reach into the music industry. What sets Carter Ray apart from other artists is his ability to connect with his audience. He has a natural charisma that draws people in, and his performances are always incredibly entertaining. Ray’s unique style and sound are a hit with music fans all over, and he is quickly making a name for himself in the industry.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience listening to Carter’s reworked version of “Dancing With A Stranger” in collaboration with Fia Nyxx. The original song by Sam Smith and Normani is lovely, but Carter’s soothing vocals and top-notch production skills elevate it to new heights. I was especially impressed by the addition of female vocals by Fia Nyxx midway through the track, which provides a lovely contrast to Carter’s voice. The harmonies, swanky percussion(which was my favorite), and glitzy synths are simply divine. “Dancing With A Stranger” is so amazing that you can listen to it on repeat for hours. The song is so remarkable that you can listen to it on repeat for hours and never get bored. What I love most about the track is how it takes the original and expands on it, adding more depth and authenticity. It’s like being transported to a world of peace and tranquillity, yet still being able to vibe out to the beat. It’s fresh, exciting, and has the power to transform our mood completely. So go ahead and give “Dancing With A Stranger” a listen. I think you’ll be hooked just like I am.

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