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Silja Ros - Lie Just To Lie | Sensuous
Silja Ros - Lie Just To Lie | Sensuous

Silja Ros – Lie Just To Lie | Sensuous

Silja Ros is an actor, singer, and songwriter from Reykjavik. She is known for her ingenuity as a remarkable artist who doesn’t shy away from being truthful and unconventional. Silja Ros recently released a song called Lie Just To Lie which will make you feel good and uplifted in just the right way.

Lie Just To Lie is a slow-paced, intricate, and sensuous track that builds itself slowly and reveals all its magic gently. It has various subtleties and nuances that any good listener would find delightful. The song is not an open book, instead, it is a mesh of fine textures and feelings that are woven together beautifully and are waiting for you to explore. There are many small details about the vocals, lyrics, tunes, melodies, and timings that would sound just perfect and would make complete sense when you imagine the whole picture. “Cause every detail matters and every nuance is important. You would want to delve into the intricacies of the track and reveal its surprises slowly for yourself. There are some great melodies, excellent vocals, and a fantastic pace that makes this song quite enjoyable. 

One can imagine listening to this track on a nice, cozy evening, or basically whenever you are seeking some peace and delight at the same time. It is the song that would oomph up your day and add a little sparkle to it, by not being too loud or upbeat, but rather by dissolving some tuneful melodies into the air around you.

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