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Little Champion - Oops I Got Sad
Little Champion - Oops I Got Sad
Little Champion - Oops I Got Sad

Little Champion – Oops I Got Sad

Are you in the mood to get your body shaking and grooving to some punchy, gritty, yet soothing music? Then, the latest single of Little Champion Oops I Got Sad is just the right song for you. Little Champion is a project by Asheville, North Carolina-based independent artist Dustin, and he writes and records his music in the comfort of the tiny space above his garage.

A composition that simultaneously calms and energizes the mind!

Little Champion Oops I Got Sad is a track that showcases an influence of variance of genres like rock, pop, punk, electronic, etc., and the composition is soul-pleasing and lyrically very relatable to an extent. It begins with a beautiful guitar melody backed by the drums and a muted guitar riff played with super precision. That leads us to the verse, and the vocals are sweet and pleasing. The voice fits the vibe with the backing of a super punchy rhythm through an amazing percussive guitar riff that just hit the right pockets complementing the drums and bass wonderfully.

After the first verse, the pre-chorus follows, and you can hear the guitar gradually opening up with single strums until we reach the chorus, where the guitars fully open up with a somewhat well-balanced cranky tone. The chorus is catchy and will be in your mind from the first listen. It is simple, and the melody is something you would perhaps keep humming after you listen to the song.

The second verse and chorus of the song follow a similar structure but right after that follows a mellow section where the guitar takes over with a simple melody and plays it on a loop over a tasteful backing by the single hits of the drums. The music builds up gradually, and this section ends with the last two lines of the pre-chorus. That leads us to the final chorus, which goes on a couple of times before ending the song with a dead stop.

So, get ready to enjoy the power-packed, groovy latest single of Little Champion Oops I Got Sad, and listen to the track here:

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