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Alec Berlin – ROYGBIV
Alec Berlin – ROYGBIV

Alec Berlin – ROYGBIV | Fusion Fury

New York City based session guitarist extraordinaire Alec Berlin serves us a sweet rock jazz fusion delight with his latest single ROYGBIV. ROYGBIV features celebrity session veteran geniuses Malcolm Gold on bass and Rich Mercurio on drums. Alec Berlin has been on a roll this year releasing EP after EP. This happens to be the last track on his latest EP Minir Maad.

The instrumental begins with a signature lick motif. A steady beat is laid which proceeds into a perplexing musical section where the drums and bass act in unison. As the song proceeds, musical ideas and phrases are constantly built and rephrased with added layers with the satisfying application of call and response. This tension and release pays off towards the middle of the song resolving with the signature motif. We then proceed into what could be termed as free flowing guitar solo section. Here Berlin really weaves a stunning tapestry in terms of soloing. I am just awed by the technical and musical genius of Alec Berlin and the trio.

Alec’s guitar tone is twangy, clean, and well rounded while Gold and Mercurio just dazzle in their craft. I can hear traces of Tim Pierce, Greg Howe, and Mark Lettieri, in the stunning musicianship of Alec Berlin. The music tingles your cerebral cells while also being firmly rooted in musicality. It never gets excessively out of the box to go into a musical wankery zone.

Blistering guitar playing, ever lightening bass grooves, and asute drumming combine in this captivating rock jazz fusion instrumental. Do not miss ROYGBIV by Alec Berlin!

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