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Judy Malka – Reflection
Judy Malka – Reflection

Judy Malka – Reflection | Serene Sea

Reflection is the latest heartfelt pop ballad single by Israeli singer-songwriter and thespian Judy Malka. Judy has been a prolific dancer and Broadway veteran actress performing in the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar, Orange is the New Black, The Punisher, and Gotham. Juilliard, The Actors Studio, Gene Frankel, Lee Strasberg, and other top acting and singing schools in NYC and LA were among the places she studied for years. Since 2021, she has released scores of stunning singles.

The song begins with a piano accompaniment. Vocal enter in and then harmonies add to that. Light strings decorate the chorus. The light ballad shines with its gentle rhythm on the harmony, setting the tone for the introspective and reflective lyrics. Heartfelt vocals are a treat, singing about life, its intricate layers, and about thoughts of giving back. The chorus swells with layers, adding to the sense of unity and support.

Judy Malka with her pop ballad creates a sense of the serene with the piano, setting a peaceful and relaxed tone. The vocals come and the delicate harmonies add to the sense of tranquility. Finding solace in the minimal, of taking a step back and appreciating our gratitude. As the song comes to a close, the listener is left feeling calm and at ease.

The song is exploring themes of reflection and introspection. As the song comes to a close, the rhythm comping leaves the listener with a sense of peace and hope. Though the lyrics may be bittersweet, the overall message is one of perseverance and resilience. It reminds us that even in the darkest of times, there is always a glimmer of light to hold onto. With Reflection, Judy Malka crafts some pretty beautiful adult contemporary pop.

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