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I Am The Unicorn Head - Let's Build A Wormhole
I Am The Unicorn Head - Let's Build A Wormhole
I Am The Unicorn Head - Let's Build A Wormhole

I Am The Unicorn Head – Let’s Build A Wormhole

While the whole world was going through the tough times of the pandemic, two individuals residing on different continents found similarities between their musical grounds through an online forum. Thus, they formed a two-piece alternative indie band calling themselves I Am The Unicorn Head and Let’s Build A Wormhole, their latest single that belongs to their current project, an ambitious concept album with the name Unicorns in Space. You will love the concept if you are a fan of things or imaginations that we term weird because it is a musical movie that tells the story of the space adventures of two unicorn astronauts. Every song is an episode of the story, and you must listen to it in a sequence as each piece continues the story from the last one.

An experience that you will cherish!

I Am The Unicorn Head’s Let’s Build A Wormhole is an anthem-like composition that will push you hard with its soul-stirring and driving guitar riffs. The beautiful synth lines surrounding the soundscape give you a blissful sonic experience. If you are fond of or interested in exploring the musical universe of psychedelia, then you’re in for a surprising treat right from the beginning of the moment you tune this song in. The vocals and synth lines add a beautiful, loving, and peaceful vibe to the music, on top of which the blasting guitar riffs and melodic lines charge it up to a broader sonic horizon that makes this song sound like a pure classic rock anthem!

Overall, the single by I Am The Unicorn Head, Let’s Build A Wormhole, is one such song that you will enjoy in utmost peace but at the same time feel overcharged and motivated due to the powerful sound that this track boasts. You can listen to this song here:

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