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Emeye – Space | Levitating

Emeye’s identity is a mystery, but their music is remarkable. Emeye is the link between the physical and virtual worlds, according to the artist, who is into synth-pop. They have no religion or sexual orientation, and their origin is unknown. Emeye is constantly experimenting and changing. They live in the moment and are always one step ahead of the game, forgetting about the past. Emeye is difficult to describe since they are continuously evolving while never losing who they are or what they once were – a timeless star in a spectacular show.

Emeye has come with a new single ‘Space’ that is truly out of this world. I started grooving from the second I pressed play. The tone is distinct and entertaining, yet it retains the depth and complexity that keeps you engaged throughout. The soundscape of this composition is one of its most thrilling features: it has a consistent pace but also a fluid beat that keeps the song feel alive and dynamic. The singer’s voice has a pleasant tone to it that blends perfectly with the music; it’s never squeaky or warbling. They never lose control of their instrument, allowing them to express themselves clearly and elegantly across the whole range of sounds they play. The entire song appears to be placed in a starry sky, with ambient components dangling in the background. It’s joyous music that makes you want to jump around, dance, and sing along! The music is highly uplifting, and it immediately puts anyone in a good attitude. The bassline and synths are incredible. Overall, the song is of exceptional quality. It’s progressive, addictive, and all you’d want from a synth-pop track.

Enjoy listening to Space here.

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