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KIMMERLY- Of Muses and Music (Volume One) | In heart of hearts

KIMMERLY is an artist that can transform the sound of instruments around her. Apart from being a talented singer-songwriter, she also writes appealing arrangements that speak to the heart. Her latest release for 2022 is Of Muses and Music (Volume One), an EP that is a sweet reminder of her poetry journal and the tales that come. A performer that has graced the stage at a prodigally young age, her music translates years of experience.

Opening with Sunflowers I, we hear a bit of Stairway to Heaven/ Taurus playing in those notes. A simple opening, it is a transition to her single release, Waterlily. An enchanting number, we hear her voice complementing the guitar and the slow woes of the strings. Her voice melodically floats like a wisp of smoke, as much of an illusion that the music is. The piano provides accents wherever possible, where her vocals take a breathing break. The harmonics provide another magical layer that keeps the arrangement all the more interesting.

Narrating and curating art

Starry Nights might not be the Don McLean folk power number that you’ve heard, but it has its own glitter. The theme is a similar one, the violin serenading along with her simple voice. The percussive elements don’t enter any part of this song, leaning all focus on her fairy dust voice. Sunflowers II follows in a similar theme from the first one, and is a simple embellishment to close this EP.

KIMMERLY is one artist that we must look out for. Her second full-album will release on August 19th, and the first single will come out on August 5th. Titled Mona Lisa, we can expect it to be the masterpiece that we associate it to be. Keep your notifications on and make sure to follow her.

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