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molly baker - stunt double
molly baker - stunt double

An Ecstatic Alt-Pop Journey with Molly Baker’s “Stunt Double”

Molly Baker is a rising star in the music industry. She is quickly making a name for herself in the industry with her compelling vocal tone and unique style. Molly is an experienced pianist and guitarist who is continually polishing her craft while creating amazing fresh music. She not only loves covering songs with her musical influences, but she also releases her own original pieces, exhibiting her talent and creativity. Molly has had an incredible opportunity to collaborate with talented producers and lyricists along the way, adding a touch of magic to her already extraordinary competence.

Molly has come up with a new single, “Stunt Double.” The song has a bright and cheery alt-pop feel that instantly made my day better. It paints a vivid picture of sunshine and happiness.

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The guitar work is lively, laying a solid foundation for the track. Molly’s vocals, on the other hand, really stuck out to me. It is sweet yet powerful, and they leave an everlasting impact. The chorus, in particular, is a blissful experience as well.

Molly Baker dives into the deep intricacies of human relationships, giving insight into how people often mistreat each other. We can all relate to such relationships, making this track even more inviting and relatable. I found myself bobbing my head along as I listened, totally engrossed in the song’s compelling rhythm. And when the climax unfolded, it exceeded my expectations. The song reminds you of Taylor Swift’s work. Too good! So go ahead and give it a listen.

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Enjoy listening to “Stunt Double” by Molly Baker here.

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