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hangtime - lights out
hangtime - lights out

“Lights Out” EP by hangtime Offers an Unconventional Musical Escape

hangtime is an up-and-coming modern-day musical genius duo from Socorro. Given their outstanding talent and ever-growing fan base, hangtime is quickly becoming a household name in the world of music. They ingeniously blend various styles, creating a winning sonic formula that captivates listeners. hangtime embraces a fresh perspective that resonates emotionally, breaking free from the limits of standard albums and creative boundaries. They create a unique musical experience, unlike anything you’ve heard before, drawing inspiration from hip-hop, alternative rock, and prog rock.

Their latest EP, “Lights Out, “features three songs. It begins with “pwn-age.” The engrossing track has many moods. It has so many layers, from exciting, enigmatic, and lively, to dark. To be honest, it is not possible to capture the essence of this song in just a few words because the multi-layered orchestration you experience in “pwn-age” is nothing short of amazing.

“pwn-age” takes you on a musical trip full of surprises with its throbbing beats and eerie synth work. It is filled with subtle nuances and haunting sound effects, producing an atmosphere that is difficult to pin down to a single emotion. It’s a compelling blend of rock,  electronica, and industrial music.

“lights out” by hangtime takes you on a mysterious adventure. The music grabbed my attention with its trippy elements. The entire piece radiates anticipation, leaving you guessing what musical surprises await you in the next second. The crisp and precise beat work is genuinely remarkable. It keeps you glued to the groove. At 1:31, eerie sound effects and noises enter the scene, trapping you in an underwater-like feeling. It is a chilling moment that intensifies the ambiance.

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As the song progresses, the ambiance shifts once again, bringing you back to a trippy state of mind. It made me feel like I am attending a rave party where you can’t help but surrender to music. I highly recommend listening to this track with headphones to truly immerse yourself in the listening experience. It’s a mind-bending experience that demands all of your attention.

The EP concludes with the gripping track “imadeit.” The song is crisp, with amazing beats. It maintains a consistent and focused rhythm, creating a pleasant groove that grips you from the first note. The initial synth work has an unsettling tone. But the beats instantly compensate, adding feel-good energy into the mix. The shimmering synth work takes centre stage as the song progresses. Also, unexpected vocal inclusions offer an additional twist of surprise.

One particular moment that stands out is at 2:44, where everything seamlessly comes together, urging you to surrender to the rhythm and let loose on the dance floor. Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away to a dreamlike world where steady beats, industrial backdrops, and cinematic chops coexist. Even though the music is nearly 6 minutes long, time flies by as you lose yourself in its top-notch production. “imadeit” by hangtime is an experimental work of art, exhibiting various genre variations that push the boundaries of sonic exploration.

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Enjoy listening to “Lights Out” by hangtime here.

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