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Frank Joshua | You are all I need | Dream Pop | Bliss
Frank Joshua | You are all I need | Dream Pop | Bliss

Frank Joshua’s blissful portal – “You are all I need”

Hop on Frank Joshua’s time machine and transport into a retro futuristic world with a lot of bright lights and people in reflective clothing. A trans dimensional sun downer track that just makes you feel blissful and energetic at the same time. Now, that’s a dangerous combination. This is Dream-pop with a dash of Electro-pop and it seems to be a combination made by visionaries of the past. A peep hole into the future, during the 80s.

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“You are all I need” is one of those tracks that has not a single annoying sound. Everything seems wet, rounded and perfectly EQ-ed to sound sublime to the listener. I am already a big fan of the samples used, the choice of every instrument, because every single sound reeks of bliss and pleasure. Picture yourself sipping one of those tall cocktails with exotic fruits, laying back on the beach. As you drift into a blissful sleep, “You are all I need” slowly plays in the back. Layering into your perfect sunset with enchanting vocals from Frank Joshua.

“You are all I need. Breathe life into me”

The lyrics are not at all subtle and get straight to the point. But what I like the most is the intro to the track. With some keys and some really nice percussions, the track starts off with a bang! Peculiar percussions with a straightforward bassline give this track a very tropical vibe. Not only that, the vocals just add that extra element of bliss. The wet vocals just have the right amount of audio effects to make it sound rounded and beautiful.

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The mix of the track is absolutely amazing, every single element stands out by itself. No masking, no overlaps, its such a treat to the ears when the track’s mix is so clean. An absolute banger of a track that gives you blissful tropical vibes. If you’re at the beach or if you’re on a vacation this track will be your anthem!

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