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Sam Karody's "Purple Maserati"
Sam Karody's "Purple Maserati"
Sam Karody's "Purple Maserati"

Sam Karody’s “Purple Maserati” Drive With Hip-Pop Flair

Sam Karody’s latest single “Purple Maserati” is a hypnotic and infectious pop number that is sure to get you on your feet. He is a musician born in Bengaluru, India and currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

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The track features powerful vocal performance by Sam, with extreme dynamism and style. The electronic beats and really cool pop synth production, which sounds like harps, add to the track’s mesmerizing effect. The theme of the song in the grand old tradition of hip-hop deals with affluence and the rush from its pursuit. Sam’s Hindustani classical training and Bollywood background shine through in the track’s melody and vocal ups and downs. He also experimented with hip-hop drums, different flows, and melodic choices in the song, which pushed him out of his comfort zone.

The song has a mix of hip-hop, R&B, and pop elements. Its hypnotic beats and electronic arrangements make for a captivating listening experience. The really cool pop synth production, which sounds like harps, adds to the song’s overall appeal. The vocal performance is powerful, with extreme dynamism and style. Sam Karody delivers a flurry of notes with the flair of a rapper, making the song truly stand out.

“Purple Maserati” is a catchy, upbeat, and empowering track that showcases Sam’s talent as an up-and-coming artist. The track will surely get you dancing, smiling, and feeling motivated to work harder for your dreams and aspirations. Sam’s mission to make the world a better place through his music is well on its way with this track.

We get to speak to Sam about Purple Maserati.

1. “Purple Maserati” is your latest single. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the song and the story it tells?

The inspiration for this song (if I’m able to phrase it in words), is simply the feeling of getting rich. It details the high that someone gets when they realize they’ve earned their first million ever. I wrote this song manifesting in everything I was talking about, as many of the flashy items, luxury vehicles, etc that I mention in the record are not currently in my possession. This song manifests every dollar that is mentioned In this song and I can’t even begin to explain how good and powerful this song makes me feel about myself and my hope for this song is that anybody who listens to it gets a similar feeling or power and wealth! 

2. Your musical upbringing was diverse and included Hindustani classical training from your parents. How have these musical influences and experiences influenced your current sound and style? Which artists have influenced you?

To begin, Hindustani classical and Bollywood collectively run in my blood – in fact, they were some of the first musical styles and genres that I ever heard in my life. Being from a beautiful, rich Indian background, my family indulged me in Indian culture from an early age, whether that be through music, food, clothing, etc. As far as the influence that classical music has had on my current sound, I would definitely say that it (a), shaped my voice into a powerhouse that could fill any stadium on this planet, (b), improved my melody writing and that certain catchy component that any ear is able to latch onto using Sargam notation, and (c), all the vocal and instrumental ups and downs that one hears in my music may seem different to my listeners, but that’s because it’s indicative of Hindustani classical & Bollywood collectively 

In Bollywood and Hindustani classical, the artists that inspire me everyday would include Arijit Singh, KK, Sonu Nigam, Mustafa Zahid, Kaushiki Chakraborty & Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan 

In English music, the artists that have influenced me and continue to do so would include Bruno Mars, Shawn Mendes, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, The Kid Laroi, Post Malone, and Lil Baby

3. Your previous single “Midnight Effect” was great along with “Jazzed Up Love”. How does “Purple Maserati” differ and what new things did you try?

I would say the main difference between my previously released two singles and “Purple Maserati” is that it takes on more of a hip-hop feel, with strong driving beats, paired with an infectiously catchy vocal delivery. “Purple Maserati” is also a different track in terms of themes; the song is about money, cars, buying houses and watches for family members and friends, and all the beautiful benefits that come with fame, respect, and overall success. I love this song mainly because of what it’s about more than anything. Just the thought of Hollywood, fame, etc all give me such an amazing feeling and I feel motivated every single time I listen to this song to work even harder for my dreams and aspirations. 

In terms of new things I experimented with, I would definitely say using hip-hop drums was new for me in the beginning, but then I realized how well it fits into the song. I also experimented with different flows and melodic choices in the song (like going from a pop flow to a flow that’s pretty distinctive all throughout hip-hop). I also love this song because it pushed me out of my comfort zone and got me trying something brand new, and I absolutely loved every single second of that process!

4. Could you walk us through your creative process when it comes to songwriting, specifically for “Purple Maserati”? How did you come up with the melody and lyrics for the song?

My creative process for the song was actually pretty simple. I basically set the atmosphere for the song by firstly creating the instrumental.  I then pretty much toggled back and forth between different ideas and at that particular moment, nothing at all was really coming to me (I mean literally, I had the craziest writer’s block for the longest period of time), and then, I kid you not, as magical and fairytale-like it may or may not seem, I woke up one morning with the melody of the hook in my head, and from there I just spend 2-3 hours writing out the rest of the song, until the lyric was finished. After that, all that was left was to record the vocals on top of the instrumental and finally send it for mixing and mastering. 

You know that feeling you first get when you listen to a song and it sends chills through your entire body? Yeah, the first time I heard the vocal on top of the beat was the moment I knew that this song was going to forever resonate in my heart and soul for years to come. 

5. You’ve performed in various genres, ranging from pop to rock to Bollywood. How do you ensure that your music stays true to your artistic vision and style, even when exploring different genres?

I just go with one of the prime lessons my music business professor here at Berklee College of Music taught the class that will forever stay with me until the day I die. Goosebumps. The second I feel goosebumps from a song I make, whether that be a pop record, a hiphop alternative mixed with rock, or anything in between, I know that the song is true to my artistic vision and feelings and reactions such as goosebumps and chills never, ever, ever lie. Once you experience goosebumps, there’s no going back. It’s obligatory at that point to finish the record and put it out for the world to see and listen, regardless of what the situation is. 

6. As an artist, how do you aim to connect with your listeners through your music, and what impact do you hope to make with your art?

As an artist, nothing thrills me more than when someone is listening to my song and they feel something, whether that feeling is sadness, happiness, anger, frustration, success or anything else, my number one goal is that when you listen to my songs, my hope is that you feel something. Additionally, I love to make songs that my listeners can relate to. In my personal opinion, nothing connects an artist to the listener more than this right here. 

The impact I hope to have with my music is that any time someone is going through a rough time, or they wanna feel motivated, or they simply wanna dance, they put on my song. That’s how I know I would’ve done my job as an artist 🙂

7. “Purple Maserati” has a smooth and upbeat sound that makes it a great song. What are your upcoming plans in terms of releases and gigging?

First of all, thank you for the compliment! That is definitely high praise, man, I truly appreciate it 🙂

As far as upcoming plans are concerned I have a brand new song on the way right now, titled “Jacob & Co.” which is currently in the mixing and mastering process and I plan to officially release it most likely on June 4 (even though that date is not 100% confirmed at the moment). The new song follows a similar vibe as “Purple Maserati” but differs in terms of mood. “Purple Maserati” is definitely a song that you listen to feel motivated, while this new song, “Jacob & Co.” takes on a feeling that the listener has already made it and is officially enjoying his or her riches. It’s still a motivational song about the rich and famous lifestyle, but it’s more laid back, which gives the listener a chance to feel like they’ve already made it to the top!

Later, I plan to release a rock record (to switch up the genre) that encompasses a completely different feeling when compared to my previous songs. The rock song (which I will not disclose the title just yet), focuses on the anger and the frustration of struggle and the world being a misunderstanding place. It’s a song about the hunger that one gets for success and respect, and that’s the feeling the listener will be able to experience when listening to the rock record. 

In terms of gigging, I have some performances lined up for when I return home in the summer, and I also have an Indian promotional performance (to promote my sound in the Bollywood music industry) on May 27th (which will also be hosted in my hometown). 

Those are the plans for now, but one of my goals is that I’m ultimately gearing up to perform at Madison Square Garden, the Red Rock Amphitheater, Wembley Arena, Rolling Loud, etc in the future!!!!!!!!

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