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King of Cups - Back to You
King of Cups - Back to You

King of Cups Talks To Us About their Latest Anthemic Pop-Punk Release, ‘Back to You’

King of Cups is an alt rock duo with soundscapes that are astoundingly diverse and invigorating. Ranging from melodic pop rock, punk, to crunchy Punk power, they scale it all to present beautiful themes about human experiences and relationships. In their debut single, ‘Back to you‘, King of Cups employ a soaring anthemic frame with grand riff design and passionate vocals. The bobbing and uplifting pop elements are textured by the rough slants of Punk riffs. Gleaming lines of electric guitar zigzag through the dispersing backdrop. 

The track has an expanding sound design with explosive formations and pyro setup. With this as a base, the band drives up the inevitability of the storyline. Touched with melancholy, passion, and romance, the song is a grand gesture of the protagonist to reclaim his love. It is held up with a lot of drama like thundering basses, voracious vocals, slapping beats, and vibrant shreds. If you enjoy the explosive combination of emo-rock and punk-pop, this song is for you. Listen now! 

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1. We want to know the artist behind the art. Please tell us a little bit about your journey with music.

Bryan and I (Shaun) met in 2005. He was in a band with my friend from high school. I’d go to their shows and got to know Bryan there. Their bassist quit, and I joined the band as their bassist. After that band, Bryan and I started Scarlet’s Sonata, which evolved into Black It Out. Black It Out went on hiatus and Bryan and I joined a band called If Looks Could Kill. We brought Black It Out back after an 8-year hiatus. Then we decided to change our sound and name to what we now have, King of Cups. During the return of Black It Out, I (Shaun) took vocal lessons and refined my vocal style to do songs like “Back To You.” Bryan and I have come a long way since 2005!

2. Your latest single, ‘Back to You’ has just come out. What did you set out to achieve with it and what do you want your listeners to take away from it?

“Back To You” is our best song to date and I’m so proud of it. We’ve accomplished some amazing stuff, such as getting into New Noise Magazine, Vents Magazine, New Fury Media, and Tuned Loud Magazine. We’re so happy to have achieved these things. We’re still working, though! We want more fans and a cult following, so we’re on the road for that one! As for “Back To You” we wanted listeners to connect with the lyrics, feel the music, and get the lyrics stuck in their heads. I think we’ve accomplished that well. Also, the song is about when I moved away from the love of my life, but I moved back to her. It was meant to be because she’s completely amazing!

3. Can you tell us a little about your creative process? Who are some artists who played a vital role in influencing your style and why?

Right now, Bryan writes some music and sends it to me. We discuss it, make changes and once we’re happy with it, I’ll put a melody to it. Once I’m sure the melody gets stuck in your head, I write relatable lyrics where every moment could be printed on a shirt. We’ve been influenced by Blink-182, Sum-41, A Day To Remember, Senses Fail, and Good Charlotte. Those bands are iconic of the early 2000s Pop-Punk/Emo era. That’s our sound and is what we work really well with. We also love those bands.
4. If you had to impart some words of wisdom to upcoming artists, what are some realities that you would alert them to?

First, be sure you’ve got the skills to write the music you want. That may mean taking lessons and practicing. That’s a great thing to do, anyhow. It’s always good to be great at what you do. Then, learn to write amazing music. Make sure every moment is worthy of being quoted. Ensure it all gets stuck in your head. After that, be sure your mixing engineer knows how to EQ your music to remove all harsh frequencies. Believe it or not, that makes or breaks a mix. Ensure everything sits right in the mix. Finally, either get a publicist or get emails for publications, playlisters, podcasts, radio, and influencers. Be prepared to pay some cash if they’re willing to promote you. That’s just how the game works. Publicists are expensive, and getting on publications costs money, so depending on how many you decide to be on, it will cost you. So, the main takeaway is to produce awesome music and know how to promote it properly because no matter how good your music is, no one will hear it if it doesn’t get past the gatekeepers.

5. What projects/releases do you have lined up for the near future?

We have a music video for “Back To You” coming out this week or next. It’s the best music video we’ve made to date. After that, we will release our next single, “Missing You,” in September 2023. Follow us and check it all out!

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The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

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