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tda Meetch-Meetchieszn
tda Meetch-Meetchieszn
tda Meetch-Meetchieszn

tda Meetch shows us hip-hop haven with his album, “Meetchieszn”

In this universe, tda Meetch is trying to rewrite how you perceive hip-hop. The prolific album he has in front of you is going to make you notice details you usually don’t. Maybe we have been living in his universe and this is his PSA. This is his latest album, Meetchieszn.

With just the intro, you know he is getting straight to business. The use of powerful bass, the background and autotune shows a developing new style. The moderation becomes key, creating a juxtaposing tone for tda Meetch to create these rhymes. Whether he writes the rhymes or builds it with the beat, becomes immaterial. He creates these pockets of wreckage, rhymes and lines no one could build even if they had the tools. Shorter tracks like Mad just showcase how good he is with executing words and rhymes. Vulnerability is seen in the tones and tunes of Cry Together and Complicated. Powerful aims are set with Prosper and tacks that show us where tda Meetch will be in a few years.

All rhyme and reason

If that isn’t enough, he keeps on going, his intention of being a rapper steadfast. Different tempos create the dynamism required to see how he perceives beats. Times Up uses a much more minimal beat, yet spits out all the rhythm you need to hear. Find Me and Solid Hour are some of my favourites, creating some catchy background sounds, while he cuts the lies with his bars. Independent and Thats Why tend to create closer energy, softer and more receded beats and rhymes. This is almost like a storytelling exercise, and we feel like we’re in his biography. All you need to hear is in this one album.

tda Meetch is preparing you for a song experience unlike any other. It is a brilliant attempt at fabricating your own history and present, to create something unique for listeners. Listen to his album here:

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