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Tedi Brunetti-The Queen of Pittsburgh
Tedi Brunetti-The Queen of Pittsburgh
Tedi Brunetti-The Queen of Pittsburgh

Tedi Brunetti-Queen of Pittsburgh | Groove maestro

A force not to be reckoned with. When someone lays claim to the spoils of a place, you better take the highway. Tedi Brunetti is The Queen of Pittsburgh, and that is undisputed. She’s been around long enough to feed you amateurs applesauce while playing flawless Take Five by Dave Brubeck, if she wanted to. The one who has earned her chrome drumsticks, while giving you everything you’ve missed in music in one album.

How do you put a twist on a phrase that millennials have forgotten quicker than Facebook turning to Metaverse? You make a catchy song is how. Sitting on her throne, Tedi gives a slow blues jam with Eat, Sleep, Repeat that sets the mood with ease. With a silky voice that enamors, she also keeps time while adding some delicious fills. Appetizer completed, lets taste the next reduced foam.

Evil Woman was one of Tedi’s most popular singles streamed on Spotify. You can immediately hear why, the constant rim tapping, catchy bass riff and the phaser on the guitar is what keep the mellow vibe going. The harmonics from her “malevolent minions” make sure we recognize who has the name on the plaque. Simple guitar closes out an interesting, gripping song from Tedi Brunetti.

Who doesn’t like a blues shuffle? To be the queen of blues, you have to salute the king sometimes. With a somber nod to B.B King’s popular tracks that were crowd favorites, Tedi queues When You’re from Pittsburgh as the next track. The saxophone creating a rich reduction between the guitars sound is what takes the cake here. Tedi’s vocals are suited for the blues, she carries the gruffness that Janis Joplin had, yet puts her own groove to it.

Leading with the groove

Let’s be real, that beat deserves its own mansion to live in. The queen went and greet it, now it features in this song. It’s a great, underappreciated beat that adds a lot of punch to the bass groove. Which is what is done with finesse in this case. Same Old Blues, is anything but it. When you’re in the mood for blues, you can’t get enough. If the blues have been served to you like Tedi here has, you have no option but to take your time enjoying it.

I remember hearing this beat the first time in a SRV song, I forget which one. It sets the pace for the song, yet respects the movement of each instrument. Seduce You features Tedi with her classic vocals, with the funk style slides and grooves working in her favor. This song sounds like a massive hit with the crowd, a quick number that keeps the crowd on their toes.

Absolutely right. If you don’t want to actually see the white man dance, play slow blues. White Man Dancing Blues is a slower number, equally captivating. Very interesting how the album has been arranged, plenty of space to dance, groove and sing along. The instruments shine here, each taking a turn to give each other a hand. The lyrics are fun as well, Tedi giving a good jab to the unfortunate people who grace the dance floor, only to be a disappointment.

A hop in style

Bring in the funk with the queen. My True Story features Tedi trying something new and bold. Keeping time while singing as usual, she is backed cleanly with some instruments that samba with the beat. Way to keep the audience hooked with some interesting tales from the trade, ma’am. Great solos from both the talented instrumentalists here.

The title track, the penultimate. Queen of Pittsburgh has seen it all, and she sings about it all. Being a constant in the music scene, this track features some nice wah guitar and bass, with Tedi on drums. Its a signature statement, cool blues and a biography all in one. Great track to slowly close the album with, never felt the energy drop anytime.

Somethin’s Cookin’ features tempo change to something quick again. Like she says in the opening verse, We got the rhythm/We got the blues /We got the groove you don’t want to lose. Damn straight. All A’s, every time. The track goes on to display her groups unbelievable chemistry, and Tedi’s voice on point all through this album. If someone else was trying to lay claim, its clear by now. Tedi Brunetti is undoubtedly the Queen of Pittsburgh. Stay away from the ring until you got something better to sing.

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