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Gavan Waldby – Why don’t you care about me | Finding Love

With his passionate and aesthetically rich words, Brisbane based Singer-Songwriter Gavan Waldby‘s latest track, “Why don’t you care about me,” elicits such heartfelt empathy. The songwriting transports us to the feeling of excitement and optimism that comes with finding love. He expresses his view in Hoping to be Accepted Unconditionally, where the usage of terms such as dreamers, believer, and deceiver in the same sentence elevates the narrative. I don’t want to give away any more specific passages that moved me, but the song will undoubtedly make you feel his affection and persuade you to sympathise for him. The arrangement perfectly complements the lyrics and ensures that the writing’s pulse is maintained to the very end.

The arrangement deftly follows the writing’s progression. The addition of strumming and claps creates a dynamic start that reflects the joinery’s hope and joy. As the song develops, there is a growing sense of expectancy, and the tale is given the attention it deserves. We observe Gavan Waldby being really expressive at one point in the song, and he progressively displays signs of losing hope. The guitar riff gets a little more intense before slowly resolving the tension with the drum roll. The arc is shown in great detail. This would undoubtedly interest and captivate discerning listeners, and it would be something that would make an immediate impression.

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