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The way a songwriter’s mind functions, there are a lot of ideas that rummage through one’s mind the deeper they get into their musical philosophy; the kind of person they are to the world, what they’re feeling at that very moment, and so on, more often than not, directly influence what they end up writing at that moment in time. Keep reading on to see what I say when I talk about “Beware Wolves Vol 6” by Beware Wolves.

Let’s take a couple of steps back– what if you, as an artist were beyond having to go through the process of ruminating over what it is you want your music to say in exact? What if you thought that one day, the kind of music that you make is not going to be restricted to anything– but in its entirety, would be a flurry of raw and creative musical talent flowing through onto a track?

That is precisely how the nine-part anthology by Beware Wolves, a project based out of Cape Cod turns out to be– a bunch of ideas given meaning to by talented guitar playing, raw and in-the-moment lyrics that really strike a chord (pun unintended, haha) the second you hear them. Let’s talk about one of these parts to their discography– part six.

The kind of collection Vol 6: Beware Wolves is, is the kind that’s akin to how a creative mind truly looks when they write music– before the industry, questions of societal acceptance or lack thereof, chart performances, none of that mumbo jumbo. Over the course of my listens and re-listens of this album, I connected with why I became a musician in the first place– to feel my craft– to derive my dopamine from translating my thoughts into a medium.

Starting off strong with “New World”, with just the vocals and the guitar against the world, Beware Wolves set the trend for this album– raw, heartfelt songwriting with no filters needed. A soulful and easy going vocal delivery puts emotion into each word. The acoustic guitar strumming adds the background layer to ease you in. I love how this track sounds. It’s minimalistic, yet tastefully done so in its execution.

The trend continues with the other songs, in specific mention coming “Rabbit Run”, “Radio” and “Note to Self”. The album comes to a sombre close with “Round Again”, with all the themes having been established in the preceding eight songs coming to a coherent conjunction.

Technically, this album sounds good. There is enough spacing in the mix to create detail and an atmosphere, yet not too much lest it sound empty. The dynamics on the guitar strumming are good, and complement the vocalist every step of the way. The production and arrangements bring to the table a whole host of interesting progressions, to keep the listener engaged all throughout their listen– and that, I think is thehallmark of good production and sognwriting.

“Vol 6” by Beware Wolves forms the sixth installment of their discography– and is definitely worth your attention this week. Check the album out here-

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