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Don Best I Ever Had
Don Best I Ever Had

Don – Best I Ever Had | Heartfelt Ballad

Howell, Michigan alternative R&B and hip-hop artist Donovan Kelley aka Don presents us with a heartfelt new single titled Best I Ever Had. He has been making music since the age of 8. He has been of several acts and bands across genres such as metal, acoustic, and pop punk.

The song begins arpeggiated clean guitars drenched in optimum amount of chorus and reverb. This forms the primary rhythmic arrangement coupled with apt drums and guitars. Gritty vocals with great use of vocal fries to add much depth to his delivery. He gives a heart wrenching performance especially as the song moves towards the end. One can truly feel the pain and emotional frustration as the beloved one leaves and one resorts to the bottle for respite. Some great songsmithing and a performance which does justice to that composition!

From his first demo hip-hop project in 2016 and a mixtape The Eviction Notice in 2019, Don has come a long way. Not relying on the beat production alone which for that matter is very well produced and keeps you hooked, Don has well crafted songwriting at the centre of his music. Don takes inspiration from anime, manga, and video for his music such as the 2021 One Piece inspired release Luffy Rich. The single cover art as well as the filming of the music video was by Grant Borland while the editing being done by Don himself. With Best I Ever Had, Don makes his mark as a compelling producer, performer , and vocalist.

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