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The Margaret Hooligans – Doggie Pizza Crust | Eccentric

The Margaret Hooligans are a duo consisting of Meg Cratty on electric ukulele and lead vocals and Mr. Strontium on drums, teapot, and backup vocals. Together, they have been making music since early 2021 and have released 13 singles, including the latest, “Doggie Pizza Crust“. This duo knows how to blend garage rock, funk, and soul to create a sound that pays homage to their influences, including The Who, James Broen, and more, while still maintaining a unique style of their own.

“Doggie Pizza Crust,” is a punk-infused garage rock track that breaks the mold of the typical radio fare. From the start, the unique instrumentation – featuring a punk guitar progression and upbeat percussion – sets the tone for this eccentric and playful song.

Narrating the tale from the perspective of a hungry dog, The Margaret Hooligans’ lyrics are sure to bring a smile to your face as the dog expresses its desire for a tasty snack. The male vocal in the intro, which appears multiple times throughout the track, adds an extra layer of theatre-like performance to the song.

As the track progresses, the energy level is kicked up a notch with the addition of heavy distorted guitars and energetic drums and percussion. Overall, “Doggie Pizza Crust” is a fun and enjoyable listen that showcases The Margaret Hooligans’ blend of garage rock, funk, and soul. So if you’re in the mood for something a little different and fun to headbang to, give The Margaret Hooligans’ “Doggie Pizza Crust” a listen!

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