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TRXBE – FAMILY TRXBE (album) | Old-School

I have always been a fan of hip-hop’s old school, with booming percussion, tight yet flowing lyricism, and complex rhyming schemes complemented by melodically intricate beats. “Family Trxbe” by TRXBE marks a revisit to the kind of sound I refer to, coupled with a new take on the genre, bringing together elements from both the old and the new schools of rap and hip hop. Keep reading for my review of “Family Trxbe”.

The EP starts strong with “WEALTH”, a proper old-school rap take with modern lyricism and great cross-bar flows that flow into the following verses with candour and panache; with the beats complementing the percussion and the bass playing a great part as well.

Other honourable mentions include “Free”, “Takeoff” and “Love”, where the styles gradually shift from the old-school to a more modern pop-rap style that would remind one of the works by Migos, Wayne and Drake; with their sung parts and more relaxed, ear-worm worthy flows.

The mix in the album stays consistently good throughout, with a good balance between the instruments and pleasant amounts of space and movement in the mix so as to not make the tracks sound claustrophobic, yet retaining the power and attack as is typical of a good rap mux, presenting the vocals and adlibs close to the centre of the mix.

Wrapping up, I think “Family Trxbe” made for a great listen, and gets the essentials of hip-hop right– the intention being to present technical ability and do it in a manner that blends style and technique; and there, TRXBE hits a goldmine. Check out “Family Trxbe” by TRXBE here!

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