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The Buckleys- Oops I Love You | Spirit of Joy

The Buckleys is an Australian three-person sibling band comprising Sarah, Lachlan, and Molly Buckley from Byron Bay. Since their debut in late 2019, they have enjoyed a steadily growing international fan base, even before releasing an album. The band’s track Daydream topped the ARIA Country Airplay Charts and they now boast over 600 000 streams on Spotify. Having released a documentary entitled Meet the Buckleys on YouTube, their popularity is riding very high right now! With a style unique to the music scene, The Buckleys have continued to bring out only the best from their talented members as well as their devoted fans.

They are back with a bang with their new single ‘Oops I Love You.’ It takes you back on a nostalgic ride. It starts with music that pops and mixes Sara’s amazing vocals right away. ‘Oops I Love You’ is further proof of their command of up-tempo and feel-good beats backed by fun melodies. This song is the first single off their upcoming EP, Take It As It Comes, which will be released on August 5th. I personally loved the guitar work that made me smile when it blended in with their voice so smoothly from the beginning of the song until we hit the end. The breezy yet fluid mix presented by this track sets in an infectious mood throughout, making it challenging not to sing “Oops I Love You.”

Enjoy listening to Oops I Love You here.

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