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Joshua Woo - Sunflower Seeds
Joshua Woo - Sunflower Seeds

Joshua Woo – Sunflower Seeds | Sonic Waves

Joshua Woo is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in the United Kingdom. He fills his music with a load of passion, vigour and a lot of his authentic self. Joshua even has his own Twitch channel that he uses to stream his live sets for his man fans. Speaking of, he has fans from all over the world spanning from Brazil to Ukraine. Moreover, Joshua has released 5 singles that you can find on various streaming platforms. Despite having a relatively short discography, his music definitely goes beyond the norm.

His latest single, Sunflower Seeds, is an upbeat track with so much going on in it. It has these dreamy soundscapes, paired with funky rhythms to create a groovy track. Moreover, the synths and bass really set the tone of the whole song which goes through various dynamic shifts and changes. I love how brilliantly every single element fits into the track. Additionally, Joshua Woo has a voice that cuts so cleanly through the mix. With a load of talent, he creates a massive soundscape to accompany his musical elements that create a great wave that takes over your entire body.

Joshua Woo is an extremely talented artist and I’d certainly tune in to stream some of his live shows sometime. Moreover, I’d suggest going through his entire discography as it keeps getting better. He truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

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