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Hila Rabby - The Walls
Hila Rabby - The Walls

Hila Rabby – The Walls | Dark Psychedelia

Hila Rabby is a Psychedelic Synth-Pop artist based in New York and Israel. Her music features a combination of psychedelic elements and sounds along with synths to blow you away. She also describes her music as eclectic, featuring the best of many genres to create her own unique sound. Moreover, Hila creates music that will keep you occupied and immersed in the psychedelic journey. Her music really speaks for itself with how Hila crafts her sound, carefully and with a lot of passion.

Her latest single, The Walls, is incredible. Right from the first beat, you find yourself already spiralling into the music. Moreover, Hila Rabby has a voice that hits those dark tones so perfectly. The music moves in arpeggios keeping you locked in the spiral as the beats create a lovely rhythm to follow. Once you get to the guitar solo, you’re hit with a wave of distortion that seems to, ironically, clean everything up. The fact that this song has so many dark elements really gives you the feeling of impending doom, but you still feel safe. Additionally, I find that every element has its place in the mix, and Hila Rabby has done a great job at mixing this track.

With a relatively short discography, Hila Rabby certainly, knows how to take you on a psychedelic adventure. There’s something orchestral about her music that keeps you transfixed on everything that goes on.

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