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Bella Sarne
Bella Sarne

Bella Sarne – Motions | Move

With rather varied and universal themes, Bella Sarne has arrived with a short four track EP that is a beautifully seamless mesh of traditional pop with more radical hyper pop elements. As Bella herself puts it, “From feelings of love to loneliness and sadness, this EP portrays what it means to be human and how allowing yourself to feel your emotions can be gratifying and freeing. It is, indeed, gratifying. The album has a vocal air to it that exudes an energy meant to lift the listener up.

Right from the get go, Sarne doesn’t waste a breath in setting the vibe straight. ‘Come & Go’ is loud and boisterous. “I see people come and go” sings Sarne in the infectiously catchy chorus. “Will I stay or go? None of these people need me”. It’s a simple message, but one that plays to collective feelings of anxiety we might all have experienced at sometime or the other. The chorus is the real standout, an undeniable dance floor bop.

‘With You’ takes the energy bar down a few notches. Rather than the unfiltered top of the mountain energy from its predecessor, it takes a more gradual approach with a backing beat that builds slowly but never hits a massive crescendo. “I need you to see me too/I know you see the bigger picture”, it’s a more straightforward love song that sets its energy to match the tone.

The penultimate track, ‘Wonderous Sight’, begins with a production note that is exemplary of the hyper electro pop genre. With a host of layered effects dropped on Sarne’s vocals and around them, its the most distinctively electronic tune in the project, and for that, my personal favourite. The lyrics are inherently escapist in nature, and coupled with the defiant energy of the production, its the perfect running tune.

The closer, ‘War Zone’ is almost intimidating. The ominous drum and synth builds slowly alongside Bella’s vocal performance. The breakdown midway through the track, characterised by Bella’s scintillatingly beautiful falsetto is a real highlight on the EP.

For fans of electropop music, Sarne’s album is a more than welcome addition to the ever-growing catalogue of this modern genre. From Charli XCX to Christine & The Queens, some of the hottest names in modern musics critical darlings all hail from this genre. ‘Motions’ could very well emerge as a frontrunner in the Australian electropop scene. It’s got the energy, the relatability , and the production to match it. Don’t miss out!

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