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StaJe – What You Like | Addicting Loop

StaJe and Tailor have collaborated on a new single called “What You Like“. The pair sounds really fantastic. The sound is a mix of modern R&B with a few funk and nu disco rhythms thrown in for good measure. The entire feeling is quite intriguing. It’s also a pretty well-written tune. The phrases are kept simple and delivered with just the appropriate amount of punch to flawlessly merge with the beats. Furthermore, the incorporation of lo fi and vintage components into the harmonic framework is wonderful. This genuinely gives you shivers. The song flows well, with just the appropriate amount of energy to keep up with the mood.

The rhythms and bass lines really set the tone for the song and get the feeling going in the proper direction. As I already stated, the Lo-fi use of chords has a huge effect and fits in perfectly with the whole ambience. The vocals are really compelling and enjoyable, which was a need for the track. Both of them have a fantastic chemistry, and their intonation complements each other perfectly. I was never distracted by the music; it was only at the conclusion, when the song began to fade out, that I realised we had arrived at the end. This has a favourable effect on us, leaving us wanting more. The finest element of the song, in my opinion, is the mood, which I believe would appeal to a wide spectrum of listeners.

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