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Hoos Collective – Union Street
Hoos Collective – Union Street

Hoos Collective – Union Street | Swag Jazz Fest

Union Street is the latest dazzling mystical modern jazz hip-hop fusion instrumental debut number by UK act Hoos Collective. The band consists of Joseph Oti (trumpet), Adam Hughes (keyboards), Gennaro Ricciardone (guitar), Matt May (bass), and Rebecca Mills (drums). They are a nu-jazz group that fuses dance and hip-hop through a cinematic feel.

Union Street’s stunning four-minute modern jazz fusion journey will keep both your heart and mind enthralled. It’s a perfect example of how music can transport us to a different place and time. The song is named after the street where the band first met and recorded. The song is meant to be divided into three “scenes” featuring funk, disco, horns, and sweet delightful jamming! Stunning work by Hoos Collective!

We begin with a piano riff placed over a jazzy chord progression. A mysterious bass line gets placed over it. Then we have some tasty sharp snare drumming over this jazz beat and motif. Then we get a transition to a more urgent groove with some dissonant notes. What was a chill jazz beat turns into an excellent trumpet improvisation over some crazy piano chord changes and bass playing to tie it all together! A calming resolving riff/motif takes center stage again marking another pleasant change in tone. Love this motif and the mood it creates.

The song is a true testament to the band’s incredible musicianship and ability to seamlessly blend different genres. The use of dissonant notes adds a layer of tension and excitement, making the listener anticipate the next change in the song. Overall, Union Street is a must-listen for fans of modern jazz and fusion music. The band’s ability to incorporate elements of hip-hop and dance into their sound makes for a truly captivating listening experience. It’s a perfect blend of old and new sounds. The band’s focus on storytelling through music is evident in the way they structured the song. And indeed music is ultimately sonic storytelling or painting pictures in time! In this case, Hoos Collective are virtuoso painters of time!

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