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Rachel Nichols SLoth
Rachel Nichols SLoth

Rachel Nichols – Sloth | Diverse

Rachel Nicholas is a multi-instrumentalist composer/singer-songwriter whose music is inherently a mix of a multitude of songs, genres, and ideas. The genre-crossing and introspective prog pop/rock act’s latest single, ‘Sloth’, is a beautiful smorgasbord of instruments and harmonies. Opening with a cinematic and suspenseful piano and strings monologue, Rachel’s awe inspiring falsetto breaks in to say “Today I don’t feel like doing much”. Sloth’s all about a mundane day, but the musicality of the piece is far from anything monotone.

Nicholas’ work is so impressive purely for her ability to incorporate a mixture of instruments to create catchy, movie soundtrack-esque art rock. “I’ll chew on leafy greens”, she echoes with an incredulously well harmonised falsetto.

In stark contrast to her previous work, which was far more melancholic and depressive, ‘Sloth’ is a welcome departure in a time where positivity is running short. It’s jubilant, upbeat, and glittering. Her work combines pleasantries from contemporary classical music with art rock and experimental sounds. While today, classical music may not attract mainstream listeners, a song like ‘sloth’ that’s effortlessly catchy and groovy is bound to turn a few heads.

Nicholas’ is remarkably talented. I’d highly recommend checking out her previous single ‘Ghost’ as well. The sort of ying-yang contrast between the dark in that song versus the light in the new one just showcases her range, capabilities, and talent.

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