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JC & Bensley – Lose It | Unique

JC and Bensley recently released their debut single titled “Lose It”. Among the members of this duo is London’s Joe Cang, a singer-songwriter and producer who has gained a wealth of experience through touring, recording, and writing with established artists. “Lose It” is an experimental pop track that has certain characteristics of disco music along with bizarre electronics that give it its distinct sound.

The track starts off with some vocal whispers and an interesting muffled beat that rises into the first verse of “Lose It”. . Not adhering to any genre in specific, JC & Bensley have curated a unique soundscape that features distorted synths and a bunch of computerized fillers. Joe Cang has been making music for a while now – the intricacies in his production are quite appreciable in that they aren’t too complex yet are very engrossing because of how much is going on.

There is a lot going on in “Lose It” but the highlight of the track has to be the vocals. Harmonies complement the lead vocals well, and the EP-like synth in the hook line makes the song a treat for the ears. Additionally, the track has a quieter bridge section with a rising kick drum and other layers of electronic synthesizers that act like the breakdown for the final chorus where all the elements come together rather nicely.

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