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Pearl Diver – Give It All Away | Warm

“Give It All Away” is the latest single from Oxford-based trio, Pearl Diver. The seven-year-old band is composed of singer/guitarist Matt Sage, bassist John Rigal, and drummer Joel Bassuk. Pearl Diver’s sound is a blend of light folk and acoustic blues, with a hint of Americana – on this track they have combined the dulcet tones of these genres to create an atmosphere that is quite enticing.

With a smooth drum intro and a fitting bass guitar, “Give It All Away” instantly sounds like an emotional blues song from the 80s. Throughout the track, Matt Sage’s melodic, mellow vocals carry a nostalgic vibe, and I can only imagine him swaying around in the studio while recording this gem with his eyes shut. With only three instruments and some superb harmonies, Pearl Diver fills the harmonic spectrum in a truly special way – their chops as a group have matured quite well through their years of practice it seems.

The guitars on the track are subtle and moderately dynamic. The performance is impressive and they add nicely to the ambience. Post the second chorus comes Rigal’s emotional bass solo after a short breakdown section with lush harmonies and strong dynamics. Pearl Diver’s engaging composition on “Give It All Away” is what kills the monotony that’s present in many songs similar to this genre nowadays. I almost didn’t notice that the track is 4:46 minutes long because of how wonderfully absorbing it is, at least that’s how it felt to me!

Pearl Diver has done a remarkable job on this track by bringing back some of the warm sounds of 80s and 90s music. Rigal and Bassuk’s performance set the rhythm in an alluring way that may put you in the mood to sing along. All in all, “Give It All Away” is an atmospheric track that’s not too cluttered and the raw sounds of the instruments are what make it more appealing.

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