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Burs - Holding Patterns | Serendipitous 
Burs - Holding Patterns | Serendipitous 

Burs – Holding Patterns | Serendipitous 

Burs is an indie Toronto-based band of four ardent artists who create artistic magic together with their soulful, otherworldly hymns. What might appear impossible and unimaginable, they bring that to light with their unique musical flairs and create soundscapes worth experiencing. They recently released an album called Holding Patters, and we will tell you why it deserves a little space in your playlist!

Holding Patterns is an album of exquisite motifs that come alive through gorgeous soundscapes and stunning musicality. Each song on the album tells a story deeper than what you can see or hear on the surface. They are complex concoctions of experiences, colors, emotions, and underlying tendencies that get a voice through each tune, each melody, and each note. You would be in awe of the way the album progresses and matures into something commendable and worth remembering, like the taste of a stellar wine that lingers on your tongue for some time. You would imagine the world changing its colors, the sky becoming more lovely, the air becoming pleasant, and the ground more lively when you listen to this album of exquisite songs. You would fall in love with many things because the album has so much to offer if only you delve into it and surrender to its bliss completely. Transitioning from one song to another would feel like an experience in itself because every song has a purpose, a mood, and a message. Some instances in the album would feel like a portrayal of your own soul, and some things would make you feel vulnerable, and those are the moments you will feel connected to this musical treasure. When you experience the bliss of these songs, you will come across many surprises as no moment is predictable. Every step of the way, you would be surprised by an unforeseen tune or a quirky element that makes the whole experience of listening to music much more adventurous and worthwhile. 

Indie and acoustic lovers would find great joy in listening to this album and also the creative heads. It is an album I can see myself listening to while I write or paint because it perfectly compliments an artist’s mood. 

A must-listen!

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