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We Are To Blame Duality II
We Are To Blame Duality II

We Are To Blame Crafts Symphonic Power Metal Gem With “Duality II”

From the hallowed holy metal land of metal, emerges Swedish band We Are To Blame‘s latest offering, “Duality II,” a symphonic metal marvel. It encapsulates beauty, power, and musical prowess in six enthralling tracks spanning 31 minutes. Led by Alice Hartvig’s stunning vocals, Johan Karlsson on guitars/vocals, and Urban Granbacke on guitars, the band orchestrates a harmonious blend of influences from power metal, melodic death metal, and progressive metal.

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“I Want This To End” opens the album with commanding metal riffs and a captivating melody that lingers long after the song ends. Alice’s vocal performance transcends expectations, complementing the catchy and engaging riffs, showcasing the band’s exceptional songwriting. “Be Here” mesmerizes listeners with superb string sections, offering a groove-worthy experience with power riffing that hooks the audience from the start. The track showcases the band’s ability to seamlessly merge symphonic and metal elements.

“Into The Fire” ignites the album further with its infectious harmonies and compelling metal composition, introducing growls that add depth and dimension to the band’s dynamic range. “Fall From Grace” stands out with heavy metal riffs accompanied by poignant piano sections, demonstrating the band’s versatility in weaving diverse musical elements into their compositions.

The album gives you a galloping powerful turn with “Something Is Coming For Us,” evoking a symphonic power metal atmosphere while maintaining the band’s signature harmonically rich allure. The track envelops listeners in a sonic journey filled with anticipation and suspense. The acoustic version of “Be Here” rounds off the album, offering a refreshing piano based take on the earlier powerhouse track. Stripping away the heaviness, this rendition showcases We Are To Blame’s musical prowess and emotional depth.

Clocking in at six songs, “Duality II” packs a punch with each track, leaving a lasting impression through its diverse sonic landscapes and breathtaking vocals. The album seamlessly navigates between aggressive metal instrumentation and sonically rich symphonic arrangements, creating an immersive experience for listeners. With its well-crafted compositions, unforgettable melodies, and stellar performances, “Duality II” solidifies We Are To Blame’s symphonic metal sound. This album offers a sonic journey that captivates and resonates with you and beyond. “Duality II” is a must-listen for anyone craving an electrifying yet melodically rich symphonic metal experience.

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