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millhope Prototype
millhope Prototype

millhope’s ‘Prototype’ of Dreamy Organic Instrumental Rock

There is something appealing and tactile about the artwork of millhope‘s ‘Prototype‘. Rooted in retro font designs and set against a greeny mountain backdrop, it is undoubtedly modern. Much of the same can be said for the song “Prototype” crafted by German Producer and composer Thomas Mühlhoff aka millhope. This mostly instrumental song featuring enchanting vocal parts by Jenny Thiele is indie rock with a very organic synth sound. We get to hear clean guitars, drums, bass, and keys with a variety of very enchanting but composed sounds.

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The ethereal vocals which consist of hums add a compelling layer to the mesmerizing arrangement. The interplay of clean guitars and organic synth keys creates a harmonious tapestry of enchanting and composed sound. millhope’s musical vision is apparent in every note. He draws inspiration from diverse influences like Tycho’s ‘Dive’, Genesis’s ‘Abacab’, Coldplay’s Jonny Buckland, and Muse, fusing chillwave, ambient rock, and downbeat genres seamlessly.

The artist’s approach goes beyond melodies, incorporating field recordings that include nature sounds and everyday objects, enhancing the immersive experience. An admitted enthusiast of the tactile sensation provided by the PATCH NUMBER button on his Juno-60, millhope embraces the sensory aspect of music creation. This is a very unique and fresh sound that is set in a rock dialect but transports you with its imaginative scope. The drums are finely crafted by Alex Höffken to serve the steady flow of the song.

Prototype‘ by millhope is a gateway to a dreamy soundscape that invites listeners to embark on a journey through intricately woven sonic landscapes, perfect for moments of contemplation and daydreaming.

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