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Henry Alexander – That’s What I Like | Screaming Force

Australian producer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist Henry Alexander delivers an anthemic rock number with his latest release That’s What I Like. The Melbourne-based musician’s discography shows a formidable journey towards engaging musical development. From the sparse folk-rooted In My Shoes to Crush with its modern alternative rock sound, and Tell The Future, his last release, combines electronic rock and pop elements. Henry Alexander continues reinventing himself with That’s What I Like a departure from his previous work in a promising vintage rock direction.

The song begins with a fiery drum beat and a retro classic rock feel. The intro straight beat sets the mood for things to come and before you can realize what is happening you are met with a tornado. Alexander’s vocals form the backbone of the song but at the same time almost act as an instrument in the chorus. We get to hear a blazing guitar solo which pushes the flow further. The riffs and drums coalescing during the chorus take you by a storm. Production on the song has a late 70s rock feel. In less than three minutes, you’re left in awe.

The song’s signature chorus riff with the guitars and drums acting in unison is unique in creating a hook dependent on both the instruments. The songwriting on the track uses melodic elements and captures the groove. The song is reminiscent of bands like The Who, Rollings Stones, Kinks, etc. The chorus drum and guitar riff would make Keith Moon and Pete Towsend proud. That’s What I Like is a stunning rock anthem that will get you rocking your soul.

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