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Trashy Annie-Sticks & Stones
Trashy Annie-Sticks & Stones
Trashy Annie-Sticks & Stones

Trashy Annie bring bluesy country winds with their album, “Sticks & Stones”

Trashy Annie remind you that country can have many faces. Not only is it a genre that is transparent and beautiful, but the people to musician connect is unlike any other genre known. This band brings that face value rocking that seems to be lacking in contemporary music. This is their latest album, Sticks & Stones. 

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For a band that seems to be touring all the time, they sure do put in the coal when they’re in the studio. This album is a reflection of bluesy, rocking country. It can be heard in the opening single, Knock Knock. A perfect way to begin an album. A dancing, quick tempo keeps the song as a groove you’ll want to move to. The band brings a signature flourish in every verse, something I feel will be improvised in live shows.

Born Pretty is a kicking bluesy riff. It has all the pep and pizazz for a concrete set. You’ll want to sing along with that chorus from the moment you hear it. God Save the Queen keeps that energy up for another swinging, delightful single. This album is composed so well, it could be a set list within itself and would be some of the best music they have put together.

Keeping it in the pocket

Tempo and style changes to a warm country delight in The Leavin’ Kind. A deeply personal and well crafted song, it is a raw and immediate approach-a contrast from their singles till now. It shows the dynamic versatility this band shows, putting their all in for every kind of song. Drift Away has a ballad’s touch, a first of its kind on this album. You can almost see the swaying lighters in the clubs Trashy Annie play at. It turns suddenly to become a dancing number, and you’re caught unawares. This is unlike the rock soul of ‘Bama-where the guitars lead the charge from the get-go. Being a live instrument band-Trashy Annie make sure there are pockets of interactions between them and the listeners. You might hear silence in Somethin’ In The Water.

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Trashy Annie makes it worth the wait

Charged but wary, they deliver their music like they’re headlining the last show on Earth. From harmonics to melodies and lyrics-this is a well oiled machine made to rock, roll and serve great music to us all. Nuclear Meltdown leads to one of my favourite rhythms on the album. From the verse to chorus transitions, while harmonics and instrumental frills glitter the song, they hold it all together with the joy of music. As they seemingly wind down the album, they make sure the delectable rhythms keep you as engaged as you were when you first ventured. 

With their debut, Trashy Annie have created a legacy worth projecting in the form of their brilliant music. It is a flavour that has been heard before-but never in this avatar. The band has made a name for itself in experimenting and pushing boundaries. Listen to their album here:

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