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Doc Fischbach - No More Roommates
Doc Fischbach - No More Roommates

Doc Fischbach – No More Roommates | After Love, Sanity

‘No More Roommates,’ Doc Fischbach’s most recent tune, will immediately resonate with us. The words are topical, and they may strike a chord with listeners who have had some unpleasant relationship encounters. Doc Fischbach’s songwriting illustrates a journey through an unhealthy relationship and how he cope with or envisions a shift in his attitude in order to be happy and fulfilled.

Doc Fischbach found refuge not just in the beautiful mountains outside Denver, Colorado, but also in his musical endeavours. Doc’s bond with nature is similar to his love of music, and both of these avenues provide him with unadulterated enjoyment. He ultimately discovered his voice and, as a result, his life’s purpose after considerable soul searching and personal revelation. Doc refers to his tracks as “self-help” music because he wants to give the voiceless a voice. He aims out to provide the concept that excellence rests in our flaws through his fascinating style of Pop.

The song begins with a strong bottom end thrust. After a cycle, the powerful voice smoothly comes in. The excellent Brass arrangements brilliantly highlight the chorus. The framework is superb. As the song proceeds and approaches the bridges, the section becomes more precise, leading to an improvised vocal performance that is inextricably linked to the chorus. The structure never sounds contrived; the words simply serve to connect the disparate elements and create seamless transitions. The voices maintain their fire and passion throughout. There are certain strong words that are utilised to clearly express the song’s intention. However, the music is delivered in such a simplistic and upbeat manner that listeners may enjoy it without interruption.

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