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let it rip - j.juice
let it rip - j.juice

J.Juice – Let It Rip | Bopping Raggaeton

J.Juice is a producer, director, businessman and a Pop Latin Rap Raggaeton artist from The Bronx. With his sound largely influenced by his Dominican culture and life experiences, the artist infuses his music with catchy beats and fun verbose verses. Let It Rip by J.Juice makes for one of the grooviest and entertaining dance songs ever.

The song sports a cultured street dance vibe, with beats that inspire raw and energetic body flows. The artist’s style of smooth effortless verses playfully interacts with the beat sequences. However, the artist’s powerful and positive energy is uncontested by the beats or any other element of the song. It fuels the song and infects the listener with its sheer and relentless positivism.

The artist unapologetically bares his raging and tumultuous soul to the listener, draining his essence, energy, experience and wisdom into the song. The song is a whole spring break by the ocean vibe with its whistles and bass percussion groove. Reminiscent of Daddy Yankee’s Gasolina, the song is a total bopping raggaeton dance fest.

Your music has the obvious effect of entertaining and inspiring people. What drives you to use your sound for these purposes?

Because my fans love to have fun and be happy and music is a way for them to escape their daily troubles.

Your songs Lingo, Shake A Leg, Do Da Bird Dance, Let it Rip, Poppin & Warm It Up have gotten millions of views across several social media platforms. How has that affected your personal life?

It affects me personally great because we put in all this hard work with our small team and to see the response of the fans enjoying our music without a major label backing is awesome.

You’re the CEO of Money Juice Entertainment, producer, director and an artist. How do you juggle and balance all these roles?

We all have 24 hours a day, Jay Z, Oprah, Bill Gates, etc. So I just write down what I have to accomplish on the day and work on those important things first.

You are a big believer of channelling positive energy to manifest and realise your dreams and desires. Can you tell us how this belief motivates you as an artist and performer?

As an artist and performer are easy to lose focus on who you are. So just having big dreams is not enough. I write down my big dreams in detail and how I’m going to get there and then I take action and do it.

What would you like your listeners to take away from your music?

I want them to enjoy life by dancing, being healthy, and being happy with my music.

Your twitter page is popping with hints and clues about future projects and releases. It looks like you have a great many tricks up your sleeve. Can you tell us a few things that we can look forward to?

We have a lot of projects in the pipeline coming soon. A new video for Poppin and Let It Rip songs. Three new Reggaeton songs “Yo Quiero Mas, She Whines It and Mexico” and a Tour.

Available on Spotify, Apply Music and YouTube Music.

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